Nutrition Education 4/E

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소비자 가격 63,000
판매가격 63,000
적립금 630원 (구매확정 시 지급)
저자명 Contento
출판사 Jones & Bartlett Pub.
출판년도 2020.01.29
페이지 708
ISBN 9781284168921
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  • Part 1 Linking Research, Theory, and Practice: The Foundations
  • Chapter 1 Nutrition Education for Today's Complex World
  • Chapter 2 Determinants of Food Choice and Dietary Change: Implications For Nutrition Education
  • Chapter 3 An Overview of Nutrition Education: Facilitating Motivation, Ability, and Support for Successful Behavior Change
  • Chapter 4 Enhancing Motivation and Empowerment for Behavior Change and Action
  • Chapter 5 Facilitating the Ability to Change Behavior and Take Action
  • Chapter 6 Creating Environmental Supports for Behavior Change
  • Part 2 Using Research and Theory in Practice: Designing Theory-Based Nutrition Education
  • Chapter 7 A Systematic Approach to Designing Nutrition Education: The DESIGN Procedure
  • Chapter 8 Deciding Behavior Change Goals of the Intervention: Step 1
  • Chapter 9 Exploring Determinants of Intervention Behavior Change Goals: Step 2
  • Chapter 10 Selecting Theory and Clarifying Intervention Philosophy and Content: Step 3
  • Chapter 11 Indicating Objectives: Translating Behavioral Theory into Educational Objectives: Step 4
  • Chapter 12 Generating Educational Plans - A Focus on Enhancing Motivation for Behavior Change and Action: Step 5
  • Chapter 13 Generating Educational Plans - A Focus on Facilitating the Ability to Change Behavior and Take Action: Step 5
  • Chapter 14 Nail Down the Evaluation Plan: Step 6
  • Chapter 15 Using the Nutrition Education DESIGN Procedure to Create Environmental Supports for Behavior Change Goals
  • Part 3 Research and Theory in Action: Delivering Nutrition Education in Practice
  • Chapter 16 Delivering Nutrition Education Effectively in Group Settings
  • Chapter 17 Media Supports And Other Channels for Nutrition Education
  • Chapter 18 Working with Diverse Age, Cultural, and Population Groups
  • Chapter 19 Nutrition Educators as Change Agents in the Environment

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